RSA Road Safety Audits

RSA Road Safety Audits from H21 Safety are available Nationwide. 

Providing RSA Road Safety Audits at all stages in accordance with GG119, ensuring your scheme, from conception (stage 1), through detailed design (stage 2), completion (stage 3) and post completion (stage 4) is as safe as possible for all road users. 

We work with local authorities, housing developers and large consultancies to deliver an affordable, accurate and competent RSA Road Safety Audit service nationwide. Ensuring your scheme is as safe as possible for all road users.

You can find information regarding Road Safety, Managing Risk, your responsibilities and more on the HSE website by clicking here. 

Stage 1  Road Safety Audit

– Completion of preliminary design, normally prior to the submission for planning permission.

Stage 2 Road Safety Audit

– Completion of detailed design, usually before the tender documents have been submitted

Stage 3 Road Safety Audit

– Completion of construction prior to opening (or completion if on a ‘live’ highway)

Stage 4 Road Safety Audit

– Post opening collision monitoring (12 months after opening of the road traffic collision data)

RSA Road Safety Audits 

Sometimes the Stage 1 and 2 Road Safety Audits can be combined; most often if the works are smaller in nature, or if the principle of the scheme have already been agreed (e.g. if planning permission has been granted without a Stage 1 Safety Audit) and the design is progressing straight to the detailed design stage.

Some highway improvement schemes may not require Stage 4 Road Safety Audits; and it is for the relevant authority to confirm if further collision monitoring/investigation is required.

RSA Road Safety Audit team members may be from the same organisation undertaking the Highway Improvement scheme design but must be independent of the scheme design/process. 

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